The Vibe-r-8 Oscillating/vibration machine works by stimulating muscles

The benefits of the Vibrate-8 machine are that people with busy lives who cannot get the time to exercise due to a busy work schedule, can infact, achieve a full body workout in just 10 minutes, burning up to 800 calories, and the equivalent of an 8 kilometre run.

Whether for Gym, Salon, Office, or Home use, the Vibe-r-8 machine takes up little space, and with its very quiet motor it will not disturb anyone in another room.


  • Commercial Quality Unit
  • High grade construction
  • Small area footprint


  • Lose inches/weight
  • Tone and Shape
  • Lose Calories


  • Helps with Arthritis
  • Stress Incontinence
  • Sciatica and many other complaints.